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Services We Have To Offer


Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Weekly or Bi-Weekly

T4, T4A, T5, T5018 Filing

Record of Employment Preparation & Filing



Posting business transactions

Invoicing Customers

Reconciling Bank & CC Accounts

Communicating with Customers & Vendors

Compile information for your accountant to file year-end taxes

Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Bookkeeping

GST and Remittances

All Government Remittance

GST Return Prepared and Filed

PST Return Prepared and Filed

Payroll Remittance Prepared

Liquor Tax 

Income Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation & EFiling

Self-Employed Tax Preparation & EFiling

Farm Tax Preparation & EFiling

Partnership Tax Preparation & EFiling

All Bookkeeping and Services are tailored to each Clients Needs & Requirements.

We offer In-House Bookkeeping and Weekly or Monthly Receipt Pick-Up.

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